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On Women Bound

A New Series of Narrative Paintings by Jane Caminos

I believe that artists have a responsibility to enrich their cultures. The aim of  On Women Bound  is to increase awareness of crimes against women, be they a world away or an instance of domestic violence in a couple’s kitchen. I want the paintings to start a dialogue, which will be carried from an exhibition out to others. read more…


Wired © Jane Caminos
Wired  Oil on linen 24″ x 30″
Protected © Jane Caminos
  Oil on linen 24″ x 30″
Acid Madonna © Jane Caminos
Acid Madonna  Oil on linen 16″ x 20″
La Voz © Jane Caminos
La Voz
 Oil on linen 14″ x 16″
 Taketh Away © Jane Caminos
Taketh Away  Oil on linen 11″ x 14″
 Noor No Moor © Jane Caminos
Noor No More  Oil on linen 16″ x 20″
Vacation © Jane Caminos
Vacation  Oil on linen 24″ x 30″
 Follow U © Jane Caminos
Follow U  Oil on linen 24″ x 30″
Warning © Jane Caminos
Warning   Oil 24″ x 30″
Time © Jane Caminos
Time   Oil 24″ x 28″
A Leader Emerges © Jane Caminos
A Leader Emerges  Oil on linen 24″ x 30″


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