Rose Gets Happy

Rose Gets Happy © Jane Caminos

Oil 24″ x 30″ *

My father’s oldest sister, Rose, is seen here without a glass of beer, although in the snapshot that’s exactly what she’s clinging to. My parents and I drove from NJ to Brooklyn to visit Rose and the rest every other Sunday, and my impression was that these adults came with beer and cigarettes permanently attached to themselves, much like Edward Scissorhands. To make matters more colorful, none of my aunts were friendly drinkers; after a few pops, the arguments surely began, and an otherwise pleasant afternoon would end with no one speaking.

Rose had wanted to become a ballerina but worked as a secretary. Still, she was given to dancing at the slightest provocation, as well as to relating confabulous stories about the family’s heritage. I wanted to see Rose, just once, with a good breakfast at hand, and because of an artist’s license, I got to do just that.

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