Honey Don’t and Honey Dew

Honey Dont and Honey Dew 1 © Jane CaminosHoney Dont and Honey Dew 2 © Jane Caminos

Oil 20″ X 48″ each  *

At one time, I made a journey to Atlantic City expressly for the purpose of capturing “characters” on film. To my disappointment, no cameras were permitted in the casinos, so the boardwalks became my source. I wasn’t let down since numerous women patrolled the expanse and my camera was easily filled. I took one woman from a gang of three, and another from a duo, changed their outfits, and made myself a new twosome, one angrily clutching a knife, the other surprised while offering her friend a honeydew melon. The title was an easy decision, as was the addition of a melon patch at their feet. Is the knife for slicing melon or is it destined for mayhem?