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The Artist at 40 ©JaneCaminos

The Artist at 40  oil  30: x 40″

From time to time, someone will ask me, “Why is it you paint women only?” Women, especially those who are the sort all of us know, are under represented in the world of art, and because of this, in the mid seventies I began what has become an ongoing narrative series that honors and explores the captured moments of our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, best friends, couples, women we pass in the grocery store, while on vacation, and next door.

Yes, I work with photographs; some I find in family albums, others in magazines, books and postcards, and more from snaps sent to me by friends. Most of the photos are black and white snaps, often faded, and usually very small in size. I choose my subjects by the personalities that emanate from the photos, and from this starting point the women themselves lead me in decisions about composition, color, background, even the clothing they wear and most of all, the stories they yearn to tell. Perhaps within you’ll see someone you know.

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The Big Ones


In Search of Great MuskellungeEve Redux © Jane CaminosWatermelon Wanda ©Jane CaminosHalf in the Bag © Jane CaminosFruits of Their Labor © Jane CaminosAbundancia © Jane CatalogFaith © Jane CaminosBeach Plums © Jane CaminosJust Us Chickens © Jane CaminosChris and Jack ‘88 © Jane CaminosClaire and Jane © Jane CaminosParty Dolls © Jane CatalogTeeny, Meany and Jo © Jane CaminosMambo Melons © Jane CaminosFrog Went A' Courtin © Jane CaminosAn Affair to Remember © Jane CaminosCherries in the Snow © Jane CaminosNesting Urge © Jane CaminosAbbie Learns Tolerance © Jane CaminosFishwife © Jane CaminosHot Tomata © Jane CaminosThe Godmother © Jane CaminosPast Life © Jane CaminosDainty Dish © Jane CaminosGrace Gets Serious © Jane CaminosNevermore © Jane CaminosLadies of the Ensalada © Jane CaminosLittle Do They Know © Jane CaminosGullibility © Jane CaminosRose Gets Happy © Jane CaminosMarilyn © Jane CaminosFruity Freda Finds Friends © Jane CaminosDaddio © Jane CaminosQueen of Cups © Jane Caminos

Somewhat Smaller

Flatbush © Jane CaminosFlossie © Jane CaminosSilver Streak © Jane CaminosSweethearts © Jane CaminosPasta Volante © Jane CaminosDamn Skippy © Jane CaminosDaisy © Jane CaminosOrangina © Jane CaminosLimeada © Jane CaminosNina © Jane CaminosIrma © Jane CaminosThe Nassau Hotel © Jane CaminosMissing Jack © Jane CaminosDuckie’s Outing © Jane CaminosBess Floats © Jane CaminosThree Glow in Brooklyn © Jane CaminosBluebetties © Jane CaminosRoses Sharon © Jane Caminos

For the Boudoir

Elizabeth's RevengeGym Class © Jane CaminosChristine © Jane CaminosAfternoon Delight © Jane CaminosNudes1 © JaneCaminosNudes B © Jane Caminos

Not Women

Asparagus are Delicious © Jane CaminosBovine Recline © Jane Caminos

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