Oil 16″ x 20″

Do not believe what you see in Disney cartoons. A majority of pigs are not smoothly pink, merely pudgy with big round eyes and pedicured hooves. Most are covered in prickly bristles, are as round as a planet and have tiny yellow eyes which glint with surly intelligence. Those who are roasted, apple in mouth, are few and far between… only the dullest are brought to market, and wouldn’t fit into your oven apple or not, anyway.One afternoon, while leafing through a collection of non copyrighted fashion photographs from the 1920s, silently pleading that inspiration would strike,this group of young ladies hollered out as I flipped by. They were posed on what may have been a hotel’s patio, and appeared to be suffering from the humidity, which gave evidence that the shoot had taken place in Florida. So began “Babes and Beaks”, with a flamingo here, another there, a couple of lizards squeezed in but no ‘gators. I’m saving those for another day. Maybe a painting that features toy poodles.

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