Kessler Calendar

Jane Caminos lives in a world of color, the vibrant jewel tone she uses to paint narrative portraits of women at all stages of life. Jane’s own life took a darker turn when she underwent surgery for a cervical spinal cord tumor and had to relearn how to hold a paintbrush along with myriad daily actiivities.

Later surgeries left her debilitated and frustrated. “My greatest fear was not being able to paint…I’d have an empty life without art, without being able to convey the stories I tell.”

Her treatment team at Kessler understood and tailored her care to both her needs and interests. She participated in rigorous therapies and maintained her creative and fine motor skills by keeping a sketchbook admits, “until I had to learn how toask for help and let other people take charge. It wasn’t easy, I can be a big know it all. But I improved dramatically while at Kessler and now I’m stronger and more confident than I’ve been in years.”

Although she now holds her brushes differently and still struggles with balance, Jane is busy painting. She has gallery shows in the works and occasionally travels cross-country to visit her granddaughters. Life is full, but there’s room for more—like relearning to play the guitar.

“And I know I’ll do it somehow.”

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